Collection: Kantha Quilts

Maybe you've heard of these beautiful textiles before, or maybe they are completely new to you – either way, each Kantha Quilt is a new experience, so dive in!

In Sanskrit, the word “Kantha” means rags, but in this instance, "Kantha" refers to the type to stitch used to fasten the fabric together to create a quilt. Made by artisan women in India, they provide creative employment and new life for old textiles!

These quilts are made with re-purposed saris and as a result each one is a unique object! They are double-sided and the sides are often a completely different colour scheme, giving you a perfectly imperfect, casual and lightweight blanket that is ideal for the cottage, the porch swing, the hammock, the picnic and so many other uses.

You will definitely want more than one!