Increasingly, many of us are inspired to revamp our purchasing choices. What we buy and from whom we buy are choices we make on a daily basis and they are important elements in how we create and express our personal environment, and even our identity.

Our eagerness to choose goods that are sustainable, natural, durable, and functional often collides with the desire to buy beautifully made goods that reflect the style we want to see in our home. Where do you find gorgeous, fresh, groovy, eclectic, rustic, quirky, stylish, elevated, handmade, artisanal, one-of-a-kind, quality products that also tick the environmental and social good boxes?

Beecher Street Mercantile has got you covered! Our selection of products is always growing and evolving. As I source the cool new things (which might very well be cool old things as we gain a new appreciation for the wisdom of the past), you will get the chance to buy items you love and feel good about.

The items in this shop are chosen with care (and quite a bit of excitement). They are high quality and often handmade or artisanal. I strive to source items made in Canada and the United States. I do buy from all over the world as well if something truly excellent cannot be found here or it is native to overseas. Many people, include me, have concerns about goods from China, but not all items from there are equal. I am OK with buying some well-made goods from companies I respect who manufacture in China.

Did your purchase arrive in a repurposed box? I hope so! Reducing and Re-using are big themes around here, so boxes and packing are saved and put back into service as often as possible. Maybe you will also find another use for it at your end!

Who am I? I am an artist, furniture painter, upcycler, gardener, sewer, and cook, and what I love best is making my home my home. And don't we all want that? A place that feels like us and makes us smile, makes us proud, makes us relax.

I hope you will find something here that makes you happy. Please join the mailing list and you'll always be "in the know" (plus you'll get in on Special Offers!).

Thanks for stopping by!

This is me and my hard-to-pin-down buddy Sam!