The Friday Freebie

Hey guys! On Fridays I add The Friday Freebie and you can download it for free from this page.

What is it? It's a printable PDF for YOU from ME! Every Freebie will be different and I hope that, whatever the topic is, you will get to explore something that is interesting to you.

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January 20: Our first Friday Freebie is entitled "Easy Alternatives to Plastic". This printable PDF offers tips and tricks to help you reduce the plastic in your life! I hope you like it! CLICK to get the download.
January 27: This week's printable PDF for YOU from ME is here! Today you get to download our
4-page Make a Habit of It worksheets and tracker. I hope you like it! CLICK to get the download.
February 3: This week's printable PDF is called Mason Jar Salad Dressings and it's awesome!  Never again will you even consider buying store-brought dressing. CLICK to get the download.
February 10: Just in time for Valentine's Day, here are some Retro Valentines for you to print out, cut out and give out. Enjoy! 
CLICK to get the download.
February 17: We've put together a couple of super-easy and super-inexpensive recipes In our Do It Yourself Natural Cleaners PDF, so you can clean your house without wondering if you should be wearing a hazmat suit!