Collection: Farm Fresh Vintage makes things beautiful.

Sometimes old things are cherished relics and other times they find themselves forgotten in an old barn, making a cozy home for a family of mice. My guess is that most vintage and antique furniture is not living its best life, but with a bit of work, a bit of vision, it all can find new purpose and a place of honour in someone’s home.

This adventure began when I found myself in a small town, living in a house with space for a workshop, surrounded by many great sources for vintage and antique furniture in need of love.

I specialize in repainted vintage furniture and upcycled goods. I believe there is so much beauty in old things and they were definitely made to last! Even when a piece has seen better days, maybe it’s chipped or scratched, it has so much character and such a story to tell. These pieces add dimension to your decor that can never be achieved with a new, mass-produced piece.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at or 416-659-3353; I’d love to chat with you!

All furniture can be picked up at my location in Brockville, Ontario. Delivery can be arranged for a fee.