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Beeswax & Cotton Food Wrap – Cactus Flower, Extra Large

Beeswax & Cotton Food Wrap – Cactus Flower, Extra Large

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Working towards a zero-waste home is not easy. Using fossil-fuel-based products like cling wrap and zip bags is super-convenient and effective. Plus, we've grown up using these items; they were in our childhood kitchens and no one thought twice about it.

Well, now we are thinking twice and we can see that change is necessary. But what are the alternatives and do they actually work? 

Beeswax wraps are a great way to effectively cover and store food that you can feel good about. The fact that these are gorgeous doesn't hurt, either.

This particular wrap is Extra Large, which, at 14"x17" is great for casserole dishes, large platters, lasagna, loaves of bread, etc.

Wash in cool water with mild dish soap. Do not heat.

Ingredients: 100% Cotton | Canadian Beeswax | Tree Resins | Jojoba Oil
Made in Canada

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