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Fruity Cutie Swedish Sponge Cloths – Set of 3

Fruity Cutie Swedish Sponge Cloths – Set of 3

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We're loving these Swedish Sponge cloths! It seems that every day more options pop up to help us make zero-waste choices and this adorable Fruity Cutie set adds a cheerful vibe as well. 

This plant-based sponge cloth can absorb up to 3/4 of a cup of liquids, it's perfect to clean up spills, to dry dishes and pots, as well as to wipe countertops and other surfaces.

One towel can replace up to 17 rolls of paper towels! By our calculations, that means 1 Swedish Sponge Cloth Set @ $19.99 can replace 51 rolls of paper towels @ $80+. It's THE super-economical zero waste solution!

When you are done with them, you can cut them up and stick them in your composter! You get to feel good about yourself from start to finish! Wooo!

FSC Certified: Wood material is harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

Dimensions: 6.75 inch x 8 inch
Made in Germany

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