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El Dorado Artisan Cast Aluminium Citrus Juicer

El Dorado Artisan Cast Aluminium Citrus Juicer

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You will never look more legit mixing drinks for friends than when you pull out this beauty to squeeze a little citrus!

This stunning piece of art is the real deal: 100% handmade by Maximo and his team of artisans in Mexico. Each is individually cast in sand, ground by hand, then hand-polished. Crafted with care, Maximo goes the extra mile to produce sustainably, making each piece from recycled aluminium.

You will not find a more gorgeous thing to display on your bar or countertop! 

Juicer in Gift Box. Booklet includes history, recipes, fun facts and cleaning instructions.

Box dimensions:
Height: 13.75"
Width: 10.25"
Depth: 6.26"

Made in Mexico

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