Collection: Blind Date with a Book

What's this?

Embark on a delightful adventure with Blind Date with a Book—a clever and creative approach to infuse an element of excitement into your book purchases. Elevate the joy of acquiring a new book by turning it into a mystery, complete with additional surprises to enhance your reading experience.

Each book is wrapped in plain paper, featuring the genre and intriguing details. Inside awaits a pristine, pre-read book, accompanied by stickers, a bookmark, and some soothing tea. Get ready for a special reading experience—it's date night for book lovers!

Blind Date with a Book is a brilliant, creative way to add a fun element of surprise to your book buying. It turns getting a new book (so amazing by itself) into a mystery, with a few extra gifts thrown in to make your read extra-special.

More books will be added regularly.