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Zero-waste Kitchen Clean-up Bundle – Small with 13oz soap

Zero-waste Kitchen Clean-up Bundle – Small with 13oz soap

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Getting to zero-waste is a journey, but one made way easier with one of our earth-friendly kitchen clean-up bundles!

It's not a surprise that sustainable products cost more than those you find at the grocery store. They are made in small batches, often by hand, with more expensive materials, but they are very economical! You will definitely not replace these products any time soon, and when they do reach the end of their usefulness, you can send them to the composter and feel like a hero!

This Small Bundle includes:
1 13oz Dish Soap Bar
1 Bamboo Soap Dish
1 Sisal & Bamboo Dish Brush
1 Set of Pop-up Sponges (3)

Tell me more!
13oz Dish Soap Bar
This 13oz dish soap bar replaces up to 5 plastic bottles of liquid soap! Woooo!
It's gentle on your hands, cuts grease effectively, and is also a powerful stain remover for any oil and stain on fabrics such as sponge cloths and produces bags.
Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, water, lye (a must in soap making).
Made in Canada

Bamboo Soap Dish
This Bamboo Soap Dish Duo is perfect for storing your bar dish soap and it's also amazing for your shower soap or your bar shampoos and conditioners.
Designed for maximum efficiency, the dish has two layers – one layer directly touches the soap and the other collects water. No mess! 
Made in Canada

Sisal & Bamboo Dish Brush
The perfect sustainable alternative to plastic or metal dish brushes! You will love the cleaning power of these natural bristles.
Made in Canada

Pop-up Sponges
This set of 3 Pop-up Sponges are made of 100% vegetable cellulose (wood pulp), feel and function like traditional sponges, but are completely plant-based, plastic-free and compostable. YES!
Made in Canada

A few words about the economics of eco-friendly products
Some of you may see the price of this bundle and think it's rather expensive. The reality is that if you bought all these items in a non-eco equivalent at a chain store, the price would be almost identical.
You could save money by buying the cheapest brand of each item, but while saving money is important, especially when costs are so high, you would be shelling out more often for these items as they have a short life span and they also deliver poor performance.
What about cheaper non-plastic items? Well, you're right, they do exist but they are made in an industrial setting which pretty much negates the use of eco-friendly materials.
Small batch items, made locally are the best way forward to reduce our carbon footprint and the trash we add to landfills, while providing meaningful work for your neighbours. High quality, low volume products that return to the earth once exhausted are economical for all of us and they are the best thing for our Mother Earth.


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